Tales among the cards

My first Game Jam game ever! It’s a 2D platformer, but this time it is a rage-game-esque arena brawler in a tarot card setting. It is made in a very old version of Unity and there is no working build anymore, but the source code is still available.

Tales Among the Cards is a “I am the Guy” inspired arena boss battle brawler. You play the tarot card “death” and need to fight against the “jester” card. All in all it is a bullet hell rage game brawler which we (my friends and I) created for a local game jam. The main focus of the game was to get a very precise control scheme and to make the gameplay feel as responsive as possible whilst you have to dodge ability after ability.

The game itself is not very long, but incredibly difficult and pretty entertaining if you’re into that kind of game.

Sadly, due to the old Unity version and sloppy codebase (Game Jam…) the game wont build properly in newer versions of Unity. The original build is also lost in time. Maybe when there is some spare time at hand I will rebuild the game from scratch and port it to Unity2020. Until then only the source code is available.

Download Tales Among the Cards Source Code

Thanks for reading! 🃏