Oshea is a 2D platforming game which we made for a class at uni. Our goal was to create a visually beautiful game which plays very challenging but also very rewarding.

Oshea is set in a fantasy universe. You play as Oshea, a magical being which was trapped in a crystal like structure for centuries. Now a great evil took over the world but, luckily, also destroyed the crystal in which you were imprisoned for centuries. Your goal is to reacquire your lost abilities and to overcome the now hazardous world to face the great evil mage (bossbattle not implemented… sadly).

The playable part of Oshea consists of 3 levels of platforming. After you find runestones with your lost abilities in them, you can use your ancient powers to overcome the evil ahead. The abilities are double jumping, dashing and a device which lets you freeze specific objects or enemies in time. This leads to multiple ways for solving puzzles or jumping passages.

Oshea was a WiP project which we made for a class in uni. We decided to focus on visuals and a smooth 2D platforming experience. Sadly the project was not fully finished when we were forced to stop developing. But maybe some time in the future we will finish what we started.

I was responsible for developing game mechanics and implementing assets in Unity.

Download Oshea Source Files

Download Oshea Build

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