Vanitas is a more serious attempt to gaming. Vanitas is about life and death, your accomplishments and your failures. As you progress through your life you have to work hard to make it to the end. But every end is just a new beginning.

As I mentioned, Vanitas is a serious game. It is not intended to be “fun to play”. After playing Vanitas you should feel a little bitter. Thats normal. Just like the Ouroboros turns eternally, one life ending means another one just begun.

I know, I know sounds cheesy and all, but we (my friends and I) had to try something with a little more depth to it than just “here’s generic platformer no. 33”. Since many people nowadays are struggling with depression, anxieties and general mental health issues we wanted to create a game that kind of contextualizes this on a greater scale.

This game was created as our entry for a local Game Jam at Uni Bayreuth. I wrote the code, others made visuals and worked in-engine.

Unfortunately we did not have time to really polish the game so it is quite bug-infested. But still a nice (more or less) experience.

Download Vanitas Build

Thanks for reading! 🐍