From January to June 2019 I worked at Brose Fahrzeugteile GmBh in Berlin doing VR-Development in different fields of interest for the company. VR is a great opportunity for enterprises to quickly develop digital prototypes of own concepts and test those without having to build and test a physical model of the product.

After some time (around March iirc) we had a BIG project assigned to our department: Build a “Brose Far Future” prototype to represent the Company at IAA expo (!!!) in Frankfurt. Naturally, because we needed every bit of wo*man-power we could get our hands on, I started working on that project instead of developing VR demos for new products.

Actual footage of me learning C++ Me-IRL

Also me, trying to understand pointers Me-IRL

Per my NDA I’m not allowed to talk about a lot of stuff involved in developing this prototype, but I’m safe to say, that the codebase involved in controlling various electric motors and Raspberry-Pis with an Arduino based controller was absolutely crazy (>75% was my work 😏). It’s mind-boggling for me to think about my code running on the IAA expo 🤯!


Needless to say I’m very fucking proud of myself and also very, very grateful to my boss Roland, my mentor Nick (yee, that was fun times having two Nic*ks sitting right next to each other) and the rest of the team to being given the opportunity of building such a complex machine. It was a blast working with them and it really made me question my choice of profession as a game developer, not gonna lie 😅.

After finishing my internship in June Roland asked me, if I was available as a working student for remote work and if I wanted to continue to work with them to finish the project. Naturally, I agreed and continued until after the IAA expo was over.

All in all it was an awesome experience working in a field I never suspected me to have fun working in. I never would have thought being the good ole programmer would be this satisfying.