For this years Global Game Jam I participated with a few of my new Computer Game Science colleagues.

We created Mikratheus - a management game where you, the small and forgotten God Mikratheus, need to help your followers on different planets.

Mikratheus Screenshot

The description reads:

You play the god Mikratheus, who has to manage the requests of his followers from different planets to get back into the league of the top gods after a long time of oblivion. You have to achieve the balance between concessions and rejections: if you do too much or too few for your people, they will loose their faith in you.

I wrote the code and built the game together with Robin, the other team members were writing game and story design, doing art stuffs and making music and sound.

I’m pretty happy with the game. It, of course, lacks polish, but is quite enjoyable.

You can visit the games’ GGJ Entry or download the source code directly from my Github!

Thanks for reading! 📋